Read between the lines (Part 3)

Days went by and I was still unsure of how I felt. We told our family members and they were all very happy and excited. We decided to keep my pregnancy news only to family members and a few close friends.

I still cant believe it I took the pregnancy test 3 times. Ikhwan said the result is still positive. Why do u still wanna take it? To be sure I made an appointment with a gyneacologist. I had to go alone cause ikhwan had to work. While filling up the forms, the questions seemed so scary.

Do you or your family members have cancer
Do you or your family members have high blood pressure

All those deadly questions.. in German didn’t help much with my anxiety.

The wait in the waiting room was killing me. And when my name was called, I entered the room alone. Suddenly I couldn’t speak German. I was totally blank.

I told her that I might be pregnant and wanted to confirm. She did some tests and did my first scan.

There she was. Leyla. So small at only 0.4mm size. The doctor congratulated me and said I was 5 weeks pregnant. I was speechless as I watch through the screen this special gift from Allah. Such a small human being and I could see her heartbeat. I said to myself Alhamdulillah endlessly and the doctor smiled as she saw tears were running down my eyes..  

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