the arrival

For 39 weeks I carried her. She was with me all the time. She heard and felt my laughters, tears, happiness and pain.

It was after I made nutella brownies that I had strong contractions. Somehow I knew that it was almost time. I prayed hard so that when the time comes, there would be a clear sign.

My water broke at 230am later that night. I woke Ikhwan up and 15mins later the ambulance came. Feeling nervous, they carried me in those beds with rollers that you see on Grey’s Anatomy. The night was dark, silent and cold. I could feel raindrops falling on my face as they pushed me from our house to the krankenwagen (ambulance truck). Ikhwan held my hand throughout the journey to the hospital as I read some selawat to calm myself down.

After some check ups they sent me to the ward and Ikhwan had to go home and could only come back at 730am. I shared the room with a very young turkish girl. She convinced me about taking Epidural and said that she didnt feel any pain at all.

730am and Ikhwan came again. We spoke to the doctor and I had to eat breakfast as I needed the energy and it was gonna be a long day. I cried in the cafeteria cause the contractions were painful. I called my mom and she told me not to cry and to be strong. The whole time Ikhwan was holding my hand and rubbing my back. It felt better. Ikhwan was amazingly strong and never gave up giving me support. I couldn’t have done this without him.

At 9am I took the epidural. They explained everything to me before I signed some serious amount of paperwork. All I wanted was to get it all done.

After more than 13 hours of labour and several screams and pushes, she came into the world. I heard her first cry and it was amazing. Ikhwan and I both cried. Its true. The first time I held her, all the pain went away. The epidural wasn’t working at the last minute. I felt the labour pain. But The 13 hours of labour. The severe morning sickness. The backpain. All of it was worth it when I held her in my arms.

They left the room and gave us some time with her. We didnt say much. We just looked at her. This amazing gift from Allah who was once 0.44mm when I first knew of her existance was now a 3.49kg baby in front of my eyes and looking back at me.

Remember I wrote about seeing meteor shower last Ramadhan? (U can find this post in this blog) It was a special time that I witnessed one of Allah’s greatest creation. Subhanallah. It was then I prayed for many things one of them was to grant us good offspring.

For that we decided to name her Leyla (means night) Ruqayya (one of The Prophet’s daughters). Alhamdulillah.

Never underestimate the power of prayers. Especially during this holy month. Allahuakbar.

Have a meaningful Ramadhan 🙂

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